Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Members of the Diversity and Inclusion Council in a group photo从首席多元化官的消息

It is with great pride and pleasure that I serve as 澳门十大赌场注册开户’s Chief Diversity Officer, a role that comes the distinct privilege of chairing the College’s Diversity & Inclusion Council, an august and committed body comprised of faculty, students, staff and alumni.

Old Westbury’s Diversity & Inclusion Council represents a cross section of our campus community in all its diverse glory. The D&IC is dedicated to constantly exploring the relevancy of diversity and inclusion in all ways possible. Our overarching goal is predicated not only on bringing diverse ideas and perspectives to the table, but also to assess and revise as needed the College’s 多样性战略计划.

On this website you will find information and resources related to diversity, equity and inclusion pertaining to the College and our neighboring communities. If there is information that you feel is missing, please contact me so we can ensure facilitating the Diversity & Inclusion Council website’s continual growth as a resource for 澳门十大赌场注册开户’s global network of family, friends and associates.
516-876-3175 / shaikhu [在] oldwestbury.edu